But what if you don't have a home?


Over 50.000 homeless in Belgium face this reality. And the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t made it any easier for them. We’re no experts, but L’Ilot is. They’re an organization offering a range of first line services, shelter and temporary accommodation to homeless people. Their goal : following every person until they reach a certain level of autonomy and dignified living conditions.

While you’re probably longing to leave your home, they are struggling to support people without one. The world has turned inside out. But there’s an easy way to help.

With a lot of you constantly in and out of video calls these days, backdrops have become the new billboard ads. So we asked creatives to address this issue in an artwork fit for a backdrop. Now let’s put them to good use.

  • Download a backdrop.
  • Donate. Or don’t. Up to you. 10 euro goes a long way for L’Ilot, but we’d be thrilled if you could just mention them.
  • Install the backdrop in your video call app.
  • Bring it up in your next video call.


Feeling inspired?
letterIcon Send us your own artworks and contribute.

Send your artwork to

Make sure your artwork complies to the following specifications:

It addresses the InsideOut topic in some way. Please, go all out.
Image — 2:3 ratio // minimum 1920 x 1080 px // JPG or PNG-format // Max. 10Mb

Video — 2:3 ratio // minimum 1920 x 1080 px // MP4 or .Mov // Max. 20Mb

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